Custom men’s swimwear that fits your body


If you are shopping for custom men’s swimwear my guess is you are looking for some form fitting like a bikini, thong, G-string or hot micro shorts. I know how hard it is to find sexy swimwear designs that are top quality and made in the USA. At one time all the designs I order were custom men’s swimwear styles. I could never find what I considered the perfect fit. I am into wearing micro bikinis, thongs and the very extreme style shorts and I had particular designs in mind. Ordering custom men’s swimwear meant working with a seamstress showing her my designs and being her fitting model too. If you are going with true custom you need to be OK being nude in front of your seamstress, male or female. I did it for years until I found a company that makes exactly what I am looking for and insanely wonderful designs I could never have dreamed of but now I can’t live without them. The company is They are located in Los Angeles and ship word wide. I live in Miami Beach, Florida and the suits they send me fit better than the amazing custom ones I had made in the past. Their designs and quality blow me away! Killer micro swimwear, hot bikinis, incredible thongs and the most wonderful little micro shorts you have ever seen. I will offer wear a tiny micro suit to Haulover Beach before I strip down to going nude. I can’t tell you how often I receive compliments and meet new and interesting people.


No models today just me wearing a very extreme swimsuit


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