Girls Panties for Men

Girls Panties for Men

I have been wearing girls panties for men for a couple of years now and, even though, I am not proud to admit something like this in person; I have loved every second of them. I do not let people know about this secret and try my best to not reveal that I am wearing these types of panties. There is something so comfortable about them that I can’t stop wearing them even if I wanted to. The good news is that I do not want to stop wearing them even if it is rather difficult keeping my little secret from the people around me.

I’m not sure what I would do if I found myself in a relationship with someone and they did not know about my girls panties for men. I do not even know how I would go about telling someone that I wore something like this all the time in the first place. I am sure that it would ruin at least part, if not the entire relationship, when it first launched. I know that there are a lot of open minded individuals in our world today but not everyone is going to understand why a guy like me would wear something like this, and that really bothers me.

I am happy with my girls panties for men and I will keep wearing them for as long as I possibly can. I know that I will eventually have to tell someone about them but, for now, I will have to keep the secret close to my heart. I just can’t risk losing anything that I have worked so hard for just because someone might think there is something wrong with me for wearing these types of panties. People seem to think it is perfectly okay to judge someone just because they are involved in something that they do not understand. Like the old saying goes, people fear what they do not understand and, what people fear, they try to destroy. I do not want that to happen to my life. So for now, it is best kept between me and the person reading this.

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