Custom Mens Swimwear to Conceal a Big Cock


I have always had a difficult time finding swimwear that fit until I came across a site that offered custom mens swimwear. I used to spend hours looking through sites selling swimwear in the hopes that I would find something that would contain my rather massive cock. I’m not just saying it’s big to get attention, either. I have one of those cocks that women seem to be afraid of, which is a real downer for me most of the time. But trying to put something that big in swimwear sold in stores is almost an impossible feat.

Thankfully, there are ways of getting custom swimwear made for guys like me and I am able to, once again, hit the beach in something sexy. Most of the regular swimwear I have tried wearing is always too small in the crotch area. I can usually get everything inside, but people stare at me like I am smuggling tennis balls in my Speedo. They snicker and crack jokes about how I am stuffing my swimwear to make myself look bigger, until I give them a peak of what is actually stuffing my swimwear. That is when their eyes get really big and they simply walk off without another word.

Having a large cock is not the only reason to look into custom mens swimwear, though. You might want to have something specially made that is one of a kind. Some kind of present or something for that special someone or any other number of reasons. These sites that offer custom designs are great for things like that. You won’t ever have to go out on the beach and feel like everyone else again. That alone would make me want to get something custom made for me. Just think about it the next time you want to try something different when you go out for a day in the sun. It might just change your life.



Custom Men’s Swimwear

My new blog is all about men’s swimwear. We will talk about custom men’s swimwear and high quality designer men’s swimwear styles that I feel at times are even better than custom men’s swimwear designs. I love wearing bikinis, thongs, G-strings and other wild swimsuits. I have had hundreds of custom suits made of the years and I also have a huge collection of Koala swimsuits. I will be sharing my photos including myself (not a model) and real model photos. Information about the best beaches, hotels, lakes and pool parties for men who are into wearing skimpy swimsuits. I will be posting stories, adventures and information about the best men’s swimwear websites. Feel free to send me your stories and photos to post.




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