Custom Men’s Swimwear goes extreme

Custom Men’s Swimwear goes extreme The line between custom men’s swimwear and extreme men’s swimwear designs that are ready to order are blurring more now than ever in fact the most radical designs, the ones that used to only be available as custom men’s swimwear are now available as high end ready to order designs. […]

Designing Your Own Custom Mens Swimwear

  One way that guys are finding their way into swimsuits that flatter their bodies as much as possible is through designing their own custom mens swimwear. Now, there are some guys reading this and thinking they are missing out on something rather awesome in life. They spend hours looking around in stores trying to […]

Custom Mens Swimwear to Conceal a Big Cock

  I have always had a difficult time finding swimwear that fit until I came across a site that offered custom mens swimwear. I used to spend hours looking through sites selling swimwear in the hopes that I would find something that would contain my rather massive cock. I’m not just saying it’s big to […]

Custom Men’s Swimwear

My new blog is all about men’s swimwear. We will talk about custom men’s swimwear and high quality designer men’s swimwear styles that I feel at times are even better than custom men’s swimwear designs. I love wearing bikinis, thongs, G-strings and other wild swimsuits. I have had hundreds of custom suits made of the […]